Two Castles 50k Training – Week 6

Week 6: January 30 – February 5, 2017

Week 6 of my 50k Ultra Training is complete, and below is my summary for the week.

Links: 50k Training Plan

  • Monday: 
    • AM: Weights – Legs & Biceps
    • PM: OFF
  • Tuesday:
    • AM: 1 hour run on treadmill (random setting, level 10/20)
    • PM: Weights – Chest & Triceps
  • Wednesday:
    • AM: 12mi trail run
    • PM: OFF
  • Thursday:
    • AM: 3mi road run
    • PM: CrossFit class – Legs & Shoulders
  • Friday:
    • AM:  OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Saturday: 
    • AM: 5mi hike in Acadia National Park (home!)
    • PM: OFF
  • Sunday: 
    • AM: 22 mi road run

Total mileage: ~42mi


Training this week was solid. I wasn’t able to get in the weightroom as much as normal, but I had some good long runs that felt great. My long run this week was on the road which is not ideal but nothing to worry about either. I hadn’t run that distance, especially on the road, since my marathon in 2014 but it felt just fine. I remembered exactly why I gave up running on long, flat roads–BORING! I don’t mind mixing it up, but I won’t be doing many more long road runs, that’s for sure!


I was only able to get in 3 sessions this week (only 2 were recorded in my app), but that’s alright. I tried out CrossFit for the first time (I had a Groupon for 10 free classes) and got some good lifting in with that as I didn’t do the normal WOD. Next week will be a little off as well since I’ll be doing more travelling, but I should be able to get in at least a couple of sessions. As always, see my Training Plan for the exact exercises I perform at each workout.


Until next week (from ANOTHER new location)!


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