Weekly Training Log: 8/14- 8/27, 2017

Long Run

Another tough one on the Besparmak Trail in Northern Cyprus. Despite the “low” mileage compared to last week’s marathon, this route had tons of vert and was incredibly technical–but I knew that going in. The entire last 8 miles were practically unrunnable, so I had to take it slow whether I wanted to or not (and believe me, I wanted to!).

“The mountains are calling, and I must go” – John Muir. Not sure he meant these mountains.


Always love passing by ancient ruins on my runs.
Killer RV.
I filled two of these with #trailtrash on my long run. Sigh.
I wanted to dunk my head in these troughs so badly, but back out because disease.


Weekly Jam

This is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. The drums give me chills and I’m instantly hyped when it comes on. Fun fact, they recorded it in a multi-story house with an open floor plan to get the effect. Had to get creative before electronics.



An all-around good week of training. It’s still smoldering hot here in Cyprus but I managed to get outside for all of my runs, which was nice. I’ll be doing a lower-mileage week next week as we have some travel coming up, and then it’s one more hard week before the race tapering begins!

Until next week!


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