Weekly Training Log: 7/17 – 7/23, 2017

Long Run

I didn’t do a long run this week. GASP!

I am travelling around in Montenegro and had too much going on this weekend to fit in a 22-mile run was was planned. But, life happens. It’s also really hot here (a little too similar to Cyprus, if you ask me!), so if I don’t get out early then it’s simply too warm. I’ll get back on the wagon this week and try to find a nice trail for the weekend.

Weekly Jam

Not really a song per se, but this guy Harry Mack has been blowing up the Internet with his freestyle raps. He takes to the streets and freestyles about people and things around him, and it’s pretty incredible what he comes up with. This is one of my favorites! How does this guy not have 10 record deals?!


This was a low training week, but not completely by design. Life got in the way this weekend and I wasn’t able to do my scheduled long run, but it was actually a nice break. I’ll get back on track next week and continue my regularly scheduled programming.

Until next week!


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