Weekly Training Log: 7/10 – 7/16, 2017

Long Run

My long run this weekend was actually two back-to-back medium runs. The first was 15mi on a familiar trail close to home, and the second was 10mi on an even more familiar route even closer to home. The idea behind back-to-back runs like these is to get used to running on tired and sore legs, which I will be doing a lot of in the upcoming 80k race. This is the first time I attempted this, so I figured that it made sense to start with some lower mileage to see how it goes, and also to run a much more flat route on the second day.

The first run was tough. I found some new sidetrails off the main path of the regular route, which took me up to a couple of different peaks and then spit me out on to farmlands with no return trail, leaving me to scramble back up the mountain face.

I then somehow came upon a piece of the E4 trail, which was a nice surprise. At least by finding that I knew I’d be able to run along a somewhat maintained trail for a while. I followed it for a couple more miles until reaching a little village, then I turned around and made my way back to the car.

Even though it was “only” 15 miles, this run took a lot out of me. It was brutally hot and humid, which zapped my energy. I had to take a couple breaks along the way, which looked a lot like this:

I also collected another bit of trail trash, this time the focus seemed to be on caffeine:

Anyway, here’s the map. I’m glad I found some new trails!

The next morning’s run was tough. I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out on a boat and didn’t get home until late, and then was up early to avoid the heat and get this 10-miler out of the way. It was still pretty humid, although the trail is very flat. I just couldn’t get my wheels to move very fast, so I took it low and slow. My intention was to run on tired legs, and boy was that mission accomplished!

Weekly Jam

Another throwback to 90s hip-hop. Naughty By Nature is, of course, known for their songs like “Hip Hop Hooray”, but when this one came on my playlist recently I remembered why these guys were so popular–great beats and a good flow. Great stuff.


This was a nice and long week of training. I got in all my workouts and pumped out what was probably my highest weekly mileage yet. My legs are shot and I’ll be taking a rest day tomorrow, but it felt good to break myself down a little so that I can come back stronger.

Until next week!


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