Weekly Training Log – 6/19 – 6/25, 2017

Long Run

This weekend I was back in my old stomping grounds in the Kyrenia mountains and did a nice tough 18-miler. I started a bit earlier than normal to get more of the cooler weather and it worked out great. It was a tough section of the Two Castles Mountain Ultra course with a couple of detours to keep things interesting. This is one of my favorite sections of the Besparmak trail and I’ll be running it often this summer!

Sunrise in the mountains. What could be better?
My spiderweb stick. Lots of gigantic ones making sticky webs across the trail, so this guy got some serious use!
More trail trash I picked up along the way. I don’t understand how folks go through entire packs of cigarettes on the trail.
Summer is here, and the summer hat is in full effect. Looks goofy, but works like a charm!


Weekly Jam

Although I had heard of Jeru before, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his music. When this song popped up on my playlist, I couldn’t get enough. The crazy coincidence is that I’m going to see him next weekend at the Airfield Festival in Sibiu, Romania! It was completely unplanned, but I’m pumped.



After testing out the morning runs last week, I think I’ll stick with them for the time being. Getting up a bit earlier during the week isn’t ideal, but the temperature is so much more tolerable and having it out of the way before getting my day started is a big help. I only did 2 morning runs last week and I think that’s about my limit for now. The other two weekday runs are on the treamill where I can adjust the incline to get some artifical vert which, although not ideal, is better than doing flat runs all week.

I’ll be out of town next weekend and so I likely won’t get in a long weekend run, but I’ll do what I can.

Until next week!


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