Weekly Training Log – 5/22 – 5/28, 2017

Long Run

Because I have the Garmin Troodos Trail Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks, I needed to get in one solid, long, and hard run in before beginning a mini-taper (and a vacation!). So, I did a favorite route of mine that involves a lot of vertical change and some intense heat. I had hoped to get in about 20 miles, but I finished up a little early and decided to call it quits there.

This route had some great downhill practice (and plenty of uphill too!).


My favorite view!


Weekly Jam

This was the first song to come on when I started my long run this weekend, and I jammed to it all day. This is another old school hip hop favorite, and I’m not ashamed to say I know every word of this song!



Another good week of training is complete! Looking ahead, I’ll be travelling for the whole week prior to the upcoming trail marathon and so my running will decrease greatly. This upcoming week I’ll be pushing to get some miles in M-F before taking off on Saturday and then I should be able to get a couple short runs in on the road. The travel works out well with my tapering, thankfully, so I should be fine to go the distance on race day.

Can’t get enough of these mountains!

Until next week!


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