Weekly Training Log: 12/25 – 12/31, 2017


Long Run

Once again, I didn’t have much of a long run this week – and won’t next week, either. My brother and his girlfriend are visiting from Los Angeles and I’ve spend the last few days showing them around Cyprus. I only get to see him about once every 18 months, so I’m making the most of it. Here’s a regular run I did on Saturday, for the hell of it:

Instead of running, I spent the weekend showing my visitors around Venetian castles and eating all the grilled meat we could handle:

St. Hilarion Castle in Northern Cyprus.

Brothers on a wall.Lovers who may fall.

Weekly Jam

This week, let’s all recognize a moment of silence for the year of 2017.


My year, according to Strava. It doesn’t count all the treadmill runs I slogged through and didn’t record!

Despite my low-mileage weeks leading up to the end of 2017, this has been a hell of a year. It was my first full year in Cyprus and also the beginning of my efforts in ultrarunning (which led me to finish my first 50k and 80k races). I started this blog, which has grown to attract a spectacular handful of readers, and have been presented with a number of opportunities to travel and expand my palate.

As I look forward to 2018, I see lots of good things coming down the pipeline. I’ll run my first ultramarathon of the year in February, depart Cyprus for good in March, and then immediately commence my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Once I (hopefully) finish in July, there will be the inevitable logistical nightmare of moving to Pakistan for my next work assignment, and the uncertain future of my race calendar. It will be another big year of changes, and I hope you’ll follow along as I continue to see what these tired legs are capable of.

Until next week!


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