Weekly Training Log: 10/2 – 10/8, 2017



Long Run

The pinnacle of my training this week was the long-awaited Buff Troodos Mountain Ultra 80k race, which I have spent the last 4 months training for. Race report coming soon! Until then, here’s my GPS watch track and a couple of pictures:



Weekly Jam

It seems that this song has played at the start line of every race I’ve run, and for good reason–it rocks! Try not to get pumped when hearing this blasted over the loudspeaker. I guess that what it takes to get some people excited for a 50-mile race!


What a week! As I mentioned, there is a race report forthcoming on the 80k, but long story short – I finished. It was as brutal as could be and completely kicked my ass, but the satisfaction of finishing was incredible. Now, where’s my wheelchair?

Until next week!


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