Weekly Training Log: 10/23 – 10/29, 2017



Long Run

I didn’t do much of a long run this week – just a 10-miler on Friday and an easy 5-mi hike on Saturday. Still taking it easy since my knees and hip flexors flare up whenever I do more than that – it’s driving me crazy how long this recovery process is!

On Saturday, Veronica and I had a nice hike out near one of our favorite resorts in Cyprus – Casale Panayiotis. Along the way were old churches, Venetian bridges, and grapevines! We even happened upon a honey festival that was taking place in the village.

Village of Kalopanayiotis in the background.
Venetian Bridge.
Taking to the foliage!



Weekly Jam

Slow jam this week. Comfortably numb is how my feet felt after the 80k race! I’ve gotten all the feeling back in my toes, but this is still a nice song to chill to.


I hope to start increasing my mileage this coming week. With a marathon coming up in 3 weeks I need to get in some long runs before then, which I just haven’t been able to do with the recovery. Now that the temperature in Cyprus is getting nice, I have more options in terms of when I can get out for a jog instead of only in the early mornings as was the case in the summer.

Until next week!


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