Weekly Training Log: 10/9 – 10/15, 2017



Long Run

My long run this week was an easier one – just 13mi on the linear path in town. I have been taking it easy all week for recovery purposes after the 80k race last weekend and had been feeling alright, so I wanted to a little bit of a longer run this weekend in preparation for a race I’m doing next weekend. About halfway through this run, though, my left knee started bothering me. It had been a bit sore after the race last weekend but pretty much fine all week. It got quite painful during this run, to the point where I had to walk a significant portion of the return leg. I guess this is a sign that I need to take it easy for a bit longer!


Start of the linear trail.


Weekly Jam

One of my favorite bands, Awolnation, released a new song yesterday which I am really digging. It starts off a little strange (like many of their songs), but gets good fast. Can’t wait for their new album to drop!


This was a nice recovery week. I eased back into running pretty slowly, doing only a couple miles at a time, and then pushing it a little too far, it seems) this weekend. I’ll continue taking it slow this week in hopes that I’ll be recovered enough to do the 21-mile race next Saturday.

Until next week!


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