Weekly Training Log: 9/25 – 10/1, 2017



Long Run

My long run this week was an 8-miler down in Pissouri Bay. We were visiting some friends and ran a beautiful and scenic trail on the coast with some awesome views. A good amount of it was on pavement as well, where I was able to practice picking up the pace a bit. Overall, a nice and lower-volume run.

Overlooking Pissouri Bay.


Weekly Jam

Let it be, oh let it be! I try to remind myself of that whenever I’m tapering for a race. Doing extra volume now will only hurt me, not help.


This was an easy week of training to get myself rested for the race next weekend. I will taper even more this coming week until race day on Saturday. I’m a bit nervous going into this thing, as the race itself is nearly 17 miles longer than I have ever run – quite a jump. Really not sure how it will go, I may even DNF for all I know, but it will be a rewarding experience nonetheless. Here’s to pushing through your perceived physical limits!

Until next week!


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