Two Castles 50k Training – Week 5

Week 5: January 23 – January 29, 2017

Week 5 of my 50k Ultra Training is complete, and below is my summary for the week.

Links: 50k Training Plan

  • Monday: 
    • AM: Weights – Legs & Biceps
    • PM: OFF
  • Tuesday:
    • AM: 1 hour run on treadmill (random setting, level 10/20)
    • PM: Weights – Chest & Triceps
  • Wednesday:
    • AM: 30min run on treadmill & Weights – Deadlift & Core
    • PM: OFF
  • Thursday:
    • AM: Weights – Back & Shoulders
    • PM: OFF
  • Friday:
    • AM:  1 hour run on treadmill (random setting, level 10/20)
    • PM: Weights – Legs and Upper
  • Saturday: 
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Sunday: 
    • AM: 20 mi run on the Besparmak Trail
    • PM: Thai Massage

Total mileage: ~35mi


This was a great week of training! I wasn’t able to get out on the River Trail at all, but the treadmill workouts were pretty good. I cranked up the incline to get some extra hill work and it served me well over the weekend.

For the long run, I chose to start at Alevkaya, which is the end of my 50k race, and run backward towards the start line. Since I’m leaving this week for my round-the-world trip, I knew this would be my last opportunity to train on the actual course for quite some time. Unfortunately, I made another rookie mistake and paused my GPS to take some pictures, only to forget to re-start it until I had run almost 3 miles. Thus, my mileage looks a bit low:

However, I was able to pull the data from my vivofit2, which recorded a distance of 21.33mi. I find that the vivofit estimates are a bit high, so 20 miles is probably more accurate.

It was a great day of training out there! I saw snow for the first time since coming to Cyprus, and the trail was pretty slick at some points, but I mustered on and made it through.



I had 5 good sessions in the weightroom this week, adding a couple pounds to my major lifts and thus having new “records”. Per usual I’m not concerned with increasing the weight each week, rather to stay consistent and make small improvements. As always, see my Training Plan for the exact exercises I perform at each workout.

Don’t mind the workout time–sometimes I forget to turn off the app and the timer runs for up to 4 hours extra. Oops!

Until next week (from a new location)!





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