Two Castles 50k Training – Week 20

Week 20: May 8 – May 13, 2017

Week 20 of my 50k Ultra Training is complete, and below is my summary for the week.

Links: 50k Training Plan

  • Monday: 
    • AM: 4 mile/6.4 km run on River Trail
    • PM: OFF
  • Tuesday:
    • AM: Weights – Legs
    • PM: OFF
  • Wednesday:
    • AM: 30 minute run on treadmill
    • PM: Weights – Chest
  • Thursday:
    • AM: 2 mi/3.2km run on River Trail.
    • PM: Weights – Deadlifts & Core
  • Friday
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Saturday
    • AM: RACE DAY!
    • PM: OFF
  • Sunday:
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF

Total mileage: ~9mi/14.5km


So I said last week that it was my last week of training, but really I had this week leading up to the race as well. My ‘long run’ was the race, which I am writing up in much more detail than this log, so stay tuned for that.

My goal this week was to completely recover and be as fresh as possible for the race. My mileage was super low, I deloaded in the gym, and prioritized sleep throughout the week to make sure I was in the best shape I could be in for the weekend.

Now that this training cycle is over, I will be gearing up for the next race which I will announce shortly. Overall, I really enjoyed the format of these logs and found that it was a good way to keep me honest with my training and make sure that I was focusing on it several times per week. I will continue these short writeups f
or other events as well, if for nothing else than to simply provide a record of training for myself.

Until next time!


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