Two Castles 50k Training – Week 16

Week 16: April 10 – April 16, 2017

 Week 15 of my 50k Ultra Training is complete, and below is my summary for the week.

Links: 50k Training Plan

  • Monday: 
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Tuesday:
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: Easy 4 mile walk around the neighborhood
  • Wednesday:
    • AM: 6 mile run on River Trail
    • PM: Weights – Legs
  • Thursday:
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Friday
    • AM: 16 mile trail run at Alevkaya
    • PM: OFF
  • Saturday
    • AM: OFF
    • PM: OFF
  • Sunday:
    • AM: 30 minute run on treadmill + Weights – Upper Body
    • PM: OFF

Total mileage: ~28mi/45km


This was a very short week of training for me. I was still recovering from my terrible stomach bug on Monday and still wasn’t feeling great on Tuesday, so I decided to scale back and take it easy to ensure I had my energy back. Then things got busy at work and I was only able to get one good days’ workout in on Wednesday and a trail run on Friday (it was a local holiday).

I was also in Beirut for the long Easter weekend and had the chance to squeeze in a quick workout at the hotel. It wasn’t much, but better than nothing. Here are some pictures from the longer run on Friday:

And the totals:

I only had a couple of quick gym sessions this week as well, so it’s nothing to write about. I plan make a better go of it next week when I will have my last “long” run of the training cycle before tapering down until race day (one month!).

As always, see my Training Plan for the exact exercises I perform at each workout.

 Until next week!


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