Gym Review: InterContinental Phoenicia, Beirut, Lebanon

Location & Hours

The gym is located next to “The Spa” on the first floor of the hotel. The gym is open 24 hours per day, but is staffed only during the daytime.


This gym has a good selection of high-quality machines. This includes a leg press, leg extension, and leg curl, hip adductor, cable crossover, assisted dip, chest press, and Smith machine. I was very impressed with the variety!

Adjustable cable cross. Very nice.
Assisted dip.
It’s no Olympic squat rack, but it’ll do.
Nice mixture of accessories including handles, ab wheels, and even boxing gloves.

Cardio Equipment

This gym has an extensive cardio machine selection with over a dozen options to choose from. Between the ellipticals, treadmills, “Gazelle” machines, and bikes there are plenty of options. All are new and have individual TVs.

Cardio bunny approved.


TVs on each.


I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of freeweights here. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a preacher bench at a hotel gym before, so that was cool. Otherwise, it sports a full rack of dumbbells, a nice set of flat benches, and an Olympic bench press station. Very nice!

Preacher bench: a hotel gym unicorn.
Freeweight area.

How much ya bench?


Water from a cooler and small towels.

Pool & Spa

The pool is directly across the hall from the gym. I didn’t go, but it looks nice although crowded.


The lighting was pretty dim, as shown in the pictures, but otherwise the atmosphere was perfectly fine. Both times I visited the music was at a reasonable volume and it wasn’t crowded whatsoever.


The gym at this hotel is excellent! The equipment is new and in perfect condition, the machines and cardio equipment is diversified, and there is a nice freeweight area with many options. I had two very good workouts here and the place was never crowded. This place doesn’t disappoint.


My Gym Checklist:

  • At least one usable cardio machine – PASS
  • Dumbbells up to 50lbs or more – PASS
  • Squat Rack with Olympic bar & plates – FAIL
  • Variety of usable machines – PASS
  • Cable Crossover – PASS
  • Foam Roller(s) – PASS
  • Wifi that works in the gym – PASS
  • Not overcrowded – PASS




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