Gym Review: Conrad, Bangok

The Conrad Bangkok has a great fitness setup that is very usable with a high number of machines, good cardio equipment, and an acceptable amount of freeweights. The equipment is by TechnoGym and they have machines for practically every body part, as well as a respectable section of freeweights.


Impressive variety including a leg press, extension, and curl. There is also a chest press, lat pull-down, ab machines, Smith machine, cable cross-over, and hanging leg-raise. A solid selection

Cardio Equipment

Treadmills with individual TVs, Vario machines (the gazelle-like stride gizmos), and a couple of recumbent bikes.


The selection consists of older equipment, but there’s a nice variety. A full squat rack (as well as a Smith machine) with Olympic bar and good amount of weight. Dumbbells up to 85 lbs (always a nice surprise), some kettlebells, and some weighted balls. Plenty of usable and adjustable flat benches. No odd or fancy attachments, just the basics.

Squat rack with weights.
Freeweight area.


Towels, cold water bottles, and apples. There are plenty of attendants on hand to give you extra towels or water whenever you appear to be breaking a sweat, which is very handy.

An additional benefit for guests which I found useful is a twice-weekly running group led by a staff member. Meeting at 7am, they guide you on a short jog around the nearby Limpini Park. I joined once and it was a good time. It was only about 5km, but it was very hot and humid so we went slow. Only a couple of others joined (including the leader, a trainer from the hotel), so it was a manageable size. After we got back they served us (free) fruit smoothies by the pool. Pretty cool!

5k morning run led by gym staff.

Pool & Spa

I didn’t spend much time at the pool and didn’t have any treatments at the Spa since they are infinitely cheaper at other places (pro tip: the MYTH Spa is located just a 5-minute walk from the hotel and gives fabulous Thai massages for an incredible price!), however the areas were pristine and inviting.

Wading pool and waterfall. Photo credit
Pool. Photo credit


Quiet. The music was very low and both times I went there were only a couple of people there despite the hotel being almost at capacity. The wifi worked well, the chairs were comfortable, and attendants were close by. Couldn’t have asked for much more!


On paper, this gym has it all. It was a little cramped and a little warm for my liking, but otherwise was on point in every other way. I had a couple of great workouts here and the group-led run was a unique amenity that I enjoyed.

My Gym Checklist:

  • At least one usable cardio machine – PASS
  • Dumbbells up to 50lbs or more – PASS
  • Squat Rack with olympic bar & plates – PASS
  • Variety of usable machines – PASS
  • Cable Crossover – PASS
  • Foam Roller(s) – PASS
  • Wifi that works in the gym – PASS
  • Not overcrowded – PASS




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