Gone Runnin’

Unfortunately, no Weekly Training Log will be published this week. After over 36 hours of travel from Hawaii back to Cyprus, I couldn’t get it published in time. What’s more, as you can tell by my Strava activity, there wasn’t much to write about! I took it really easy over the last couple of weeks and ran a total of maybe 10 miles all week. I needed the recovery and there were just so many fun things to do other than just run.

Now that I’ve returned, I have a couple weeks before Christmas to get back into my training and gear up for the new year. As I mentioned before, I’m done racing for the year and so far have only one Ultra on the docket for 2018 (Akamas 50k in mid-February). I’ll begin ramping up my training for that very soon. And, because of my Appalachian Trail hike, I likely won’t get to do another long race for quite some time so I hope to make this one count. That’s all for now. Until next week!


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