Gone Hikin’: Leaving for the Appalachian Trail and How I’ll Blog Between the Logs

This weekend I begin my much anticipated 100 day thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  As a result, it will be much more difficult to consistently publish posts as I have been, and even harder to edit and include lots of photos. Despite that, I am determined to document my journey as best I can and so I have set up a series of “Trail Update” posts that I will release on a weekly basis.

In these updates I plan to provide a recount of the prior weeks’ travels including mileage, where I stayed, and how I’m feeling. My hope is that I’m able to have a full record of my experience by the time I finish in July and  provide lots of real-time information and photos in the process. I plan to also write updates on TheTrek.co (copy/paste from here) and will also stay active on Instagram. 

I hope you’ll continue to follow along!

Next stop: Springer Mountain!




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